Today my Yoga instructor talked about Valentines day. We were all stretching on our mats and then she started discussing unconditional love and how beautiful and rare it was. I would have groaned, or maybe even cried at the moment, but rather than embarrass myself or ruin anyones happiness I sucked it up and listened to her. And although I immediately wanted run out of the studio into the negative degree weather to avoid hearing about love, I realized she was right. It’s so rare when someone loves you for exactly who you are. Despite your faults or insecurities, or maybe even moments of bitchiness, they still love you and think you’re wonderful. Then she said that although someone loving you unconditionally is a gift, the best gift is to love yourself unconditionally and truly appreciate yourself. That sounds easy enough in theory, but I think we sometimes forget with the stress of life and school that we need to learn to love and appreciate ourselveseveryday. We need to make our lives fulfilling and allow ourselves to love everything we are, even on the days when that may be difficult.

So if you have someone who loves you this Valentines day, appreciate and enjoy that. But if you don’t, spend the day reflecting on how wonderful and beautiful you are. Love your weaknesses and love your faults, because someday someone else will love them too.