My basic philosophy

When in doubt, it’s best to work hard and be nice to people.

Here are some other nice things that are often overlooked in the workplace:

1) Email everyone back. Everyone knows how frustrating it is when you wait to be emailed back (after many promptings of “I’m not sure if you got my previous email, but…”), and ultimately it feels kinda sad. Everyone’s been there, so don’t perpetuate the feeling that someone’s insignificant!

2) Give people advice when they ask for it. Most of the time asking for advice is both useful for the person asking and the person giving the advice. It helps the person better summarize what they know (and what you wish you would have known), and gives you something to strive for. Again, don’t over look the other personal as too insignificant to have time for.

3) Say please, thank you, I appreciate you, and all that jazz. Show that you’re a leader, your conscientious, and that you work hard (and have fun doing it!).

Be nice to everyone, always. You never know what they’re going through or when they need a smile the most.