I’ve already developed serious blogging guilt – the kind of guilt that develops when you’ve neglected your blog for a week, and you know you have too much to say. I was going to try to keep blog guilt out of my new blog, but it’s finally caught up to me….

Last week I went to Santa Fe for my sole summer vacation. I wish I could have had a bit more of a transition to real world to work life (AKA more vacations like last year and less working), but it turns out that the real world isn’t like that! I’ve had to put on my big girl pants and settle for a 4 days weekend/vacation for the summer months, but it was wonderful, so I really can’t complain!

After a very long travel day (which included quite an extensive Ice cream adventure with my grandfather – that man has a sweet tooth!), we made it to Santa Fe. The first stop was the farmers market, which was conveniently located a block away from our hotel. Maybe it’s the inner Madisonian in me, but I love a good farmers market! Anywhere I travel, I have to go to a farmer’s market and get a local flavor for the city (and subsequently pretend that I’m a local, minus the camera I tote around). Plus, who doesn’t love delicious food and beautiful flowers? The Santa Fe Market was beautiful, full of fresh desert flowers, succulents, fry bread (yum!), and fresh fruits and veggies. I could imagine going there every Saturday morning…..


We also went on some lovely adventures around downtown Santa Fe and Taos, a cute city nearby. New Mexico has such a fun and relaxed air to it, so I enjoyed capturing some fun moments and spaces that were so different than everything I was used to back in Wisconsin. From cute doggies (that’s Brooklyn the boxer!), to lavender and churches, everything was beautiful.

I’ll try to write more later, but here’s at least a good sneak peek 🙂 If it’s my only vacation I suppose it’s justifiable to spread it out, right?